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Bypass GPT
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BypassGPT AI – An Honest Review and Guide

The rise in popularity of AI tools like ChatGPT has led to people using them for all types of tasks, especially students using them to complete assignments and workers using them to do their work for them. Many people want to use these AI tools without proper attribution and “bypass”…
Conor Monaghan
July 9, 2024
does safeassign detect chatgpt

Does Safe Assign Detect ChatGPT? A Clear Answer

Safe Assign is a tool as part of the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard. The goal of Safe Assign is to find if student work that is uploaded was copied from another source, In essence, Safe Assign is a plagiarism tool not an AI Detection tool.  ChatGPT is an AI…
Conor Monaghan
June 20, 2024