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How Generative AI is Affecting Wikipedia

Generative AI is gradually affecting the content on Wikipedia. If you've ever tried using generative AI tools like open AI and ChatGPT to generate information, you’ll notice that they write believable, human-like text. But the problem is— they are prone to include erroneous information.  Now, Wikipedia, the world’s encyclopedia that…
Thierry Lavergne
October 3, 2023
Photo of a young asian man working on a laptop

The pros and cons of using AI for content creation

Introduction ChatGPT has not even been around for one year, and yet most copywriters use it in some shape of form to assist their writing or creative process. There’s been a lot of discussion about Google penalizing synthetic writing, and also how ChatGPT is disrupting Academia. While there has been…
Thierry Lavergne
September 24, 2023
ai humanizer bypass ai writing tool

Do AI text humanizers work? Can they bypass AI detectors?

Overview With the emergence of several AI essay checkers, many tools have now been developed to rewrite AI generated content to bypass AI detection tools.  These AI humanizers go a few steps beyond the traditional quillbot paraphrasing technique we reviewed in the past.  In this article, we’ll review a few…
Thierry Lavergne
September 1, 2023

Spotting AI-Written Text Without an AI Detector

AI text generators like ChatGPT are quickly improving. Models like GPT-4, Google Bard and Claude can now write human-like text on many topics. But there are still small differences between AI and human writing. We discussed how AI detectors work in the past, but what about people - can they…
Thierry Lavergne
August 18, 2023
Screenshot of the Claude AI homepage

Claude 2 versus AI writing detectors

Detecting AI-generated text is becoming increasingly important as advanced systems like Claude 2 are able to produce remarkably human-like writing. In this article, we'll put Claude 2 against current detectors and analyze their capabilities and limitations.
Thierry Lavergne
July 18, 2023
Photography of a man cheating at a test

Understanding How Plagiarism Checkers Work

Introduction Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else's work, ideas, or words as one's own. It not only undermines the integrity of scholarly pursuits but also hinders intellectual growth. To combat this issue, plagiarism tools play a crucial role in promoting originality and maintaining academic integrity. By understanding how…
Thierry Lavergne
June 29, 2023