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Content at Scale is primarily an AI writing tool but they also have an AI detection tool as part of the service. 

We at Winston AI want to find out which AI detection tools work and which ones don’t.

What does Content at Scale do?

Content at Scale is primarily an AI writing tool. It is mainly aimed at marketing professionals who want to use AI for their marketing. 

They also provide SEO tools which aim to help with ranking on Google by checking the readability of a text.

In our Content at Scale review, we will focus on their AI detection tool which aims to check if a text was written by AI or a human. 

Testing Content at Scale to see if it Works

Isn’t it contradictory that an AI tool both writes AI text and detects it too?

I mean there could be some bias within their tool to mark content generated by Content at Scale as bypassing AI detectors.

Anyway, let’s find out if their AI detection tool is any good.

First, let’s create some text with ChatGPT.

testing content at scale ai detection with text generated by chatgpt

Next, let’s test Content at Scale’s AI Detection tool.

content at scale ai detection accurate

Content at Scale correctly identified the text as AI!

Now let’s try a little trick to see if it is easy to bypass.

This time I am going to ask ChatGPT to write with a quirky tone.

content at scale ai tools chatgpt prompt engineering

Now let’s test this text with Content at Scale again

content at scale ai detection tool review

As you can see, with a little change in prompting it was easy to trick.

When you use a more accurate AI detector like Winston AI, it is not possible to easily bypass it.

content at scale vs winston ai checkers

Content at Scale Features Explained

Content at Scale offers many features as part of its product but their focus is providing an AI writing tool for blog posts

Generative AI/Writing

The main feature that Content at Scale provides is an AI Writing tool. This is similar to ChatGPT but it is specialized in creating content for a specific format. Content at Scale has more than 40 of these chatbots to help you create blog articles and social media posts.  

The AI tools also offer SEO optimization and a content editor. The SEO optimization includes keywords that might be relevant to your blog posts and a score to give you some guidance.

AI Detection/Humanizing

Content at Scale also provides an AI detector as mentioned above. The idea behind their AI detector is to test whether your AI written sounds like AI and they also offer a “humanizing” tool.

Interestingly, most “humanzing” tools don’t really aim to make text sound more human but rather attempt to bypass AI detectors by changing the word order of sentences. Content at Scale aims to make your text more readable. 

Content at Scale Pricing

The pricing page of Content at Scale directs you to choose a high volume or a low volume of content,

The low volume costs $39/month with an extra $179/month for the SEO tool RankWell. The high-volume packages cost $399, $799 or $1,199 depending on the amount of blog posts you want. 

The AI Detector and Humanizer tools cost $49 a month.    

Content at Scale Alternatives

Let’s look at some Content at Scale alternatives.

Alternative Writing Tools

Content at Scale is mainly a tool that produces AI blog posts. There are many, many tools that provide AI blog posts.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an enterprise AI tool to create AI content for multiple platforms. When I tested their blog post output recently, it wasn’t very good compared to other AI writing tools on the market. They do have some good templates for creating AI content for social media, however.   

Copy AI

Copy AI is another writing tool that allows you to create content for websites and social media. Copy AI is optimized for outcomes and you can also create Sales copy and cold outreach emails.

Alternative AI Detection Tools

Here are some alternatives to Content at Scale’s AI Detection Tool

Winston AI

Winston AI is the gold standard in AI detection. Our AI detection tool has an accuracy rate of 99.98% and we are open about how we achieve these accuracy rates.

We also have a plagiarism tool so you can check your work against a database to see if a text is original work.  

Try Winston AI free here


Turnitin is an educational software that specializes in plagiarism detection. They also provide an AI detection tool. You must be an educator or an educational institution to use their software. 

Final Thoughts

Content at Scale is a decent AI writing tool(not the best) and the AI detection tool works for basic examples. It is quite easy to bypass by changing the prompt ever so slightly. If you want a really good AI detector that is not easy to bypass, then try Winston AI.

What is Content at Scale’s primary function?

Content at Scale is first and foremost an AI writing tool designed for marketing professionals who want to integrate AI into their content creation process.

Does Content at Scale offer more than just AI writing?

Yes. They also provide SEO tools to improve content readability and a tool aimed at detecting AI-generated text.

How reliable is Content at Scale’s AI detector?

Our tests showed that while the AI detector can correctly identify basic AI-generated text, it’s possible to bypass it with minor changes to the writing style. More robust AI detectors exist.

How does Content at Scale’s AI detector compare to alternatives?

Tools like Winston AI offer higher accuracy rates and are harder to fool. Turnitin is another option, but it’s primarily geared towards educators and institutions.

What are the pricing options for Content at Scale?

Content at Scale offers plans for both low and high-volume content creation. Their AI detector and humanizer tools come with an additional monthly cost. You can find detailed pricing information on their website.

Conor Monaghan

Conor is an AI expert and English Teacher. He spends his time researching and writing about AI tools to help educators and publishers to become more productive.