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A.I is undoubtedly changing how we write online and according to a new study, people are now using A.I tools to write complaints online. 

A new study published by Minkyu Shin and Jin Kim on Arvix called “Enhancing Human Persuasion with Large Language Models,” focuses on how ChatGPT is changing the way people file a complaint.

Completing WritingTasks with Generative A.I

A.I writing tools can often struggle to understand human emotions, which is important for effective communication. They also have a tendency to write a lot of fluff which makes it difficult for the reader to understand what a text is about.

These problems are not stopping people from using these tools for a whole range of tasks from writing emails to writing blog posts. 

The primary reason people do this is to save time.   

It can be easier to edit an A.I text than write the text yourself from scratch.

The team wanted to research if people were using A.I to write complaints and to see if it was effective in getting a response.

Writing Complaints with Generative A.I

The team examined the consumer complaint database provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to see if people were using A.I. 

From the database, they were able to see if the consumers’ complaints were successful in receiving a decision made in their favour. 

To see if the consumers were using A.I, the team needed to see if the text produced by the customers was written by A.I or by people.

So they needed an A.I detector.

The Most Accurate A.I detector according to the study

Minkyu and Jin decided to test various A.I detection tools and they concluded that Winston AI was “one of the most effective AI detection programs, to identify whether a complaint was written or assisted by ChatGPT”

They then tested the tool by checking complaints that happened before December 2022(before the launch of ChatGPT) and confirmed with Winston AI that all of those complaints were human-written.

They also created A.I written text and added them to the database. They then ran those texts through Wisnton AI and found that Winston correctly identified the text as A.I written.

In their words:

The results effectively illustrate the tool’s capability to differentiate between human-written and AI-generated complaints. 

Try Winston AI for yourself here. It has a 99.98% accuracy rate when testing A.I content. 

Does Using ChatGPT to write your complaint work?

According to the study, your odds of getting compensation are increased if you use ChatGPT to file a complaint.

I think we should say that the study tested improving the control text with ChatGPT. This increased the probability that people would be compensated. 

This is quite different to just asking ChatGPT to write your complaint for you.

The researchers edited the control text by using a prompt to make the text more:

  • Clear 
  • Coherent
  • Professional

There is a lesson here for anyone using ChatGPT. You should use it as a tool to improve your writing and it can help you in real life.

Final thoughts

ChatGPT can help you to write complaints according to this study. 

However, it’s important to remember that this connection might be more about correlation than causation 

Tools like Winston AI are great at detecting A.I content if you are worried your employees are using ChatGPT at work. 

Conor Monaghan

Conor is an AI expert and English Teacher. He spends his time researching and writing about AI tools to help educators and publishers to become more productive.