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API de detección de contenido IA

    "status": 200,
    "score": 0,
    "sentences": [
            "text": "When one thinks of the Poodle, the image of an elegant, dignified dog often comes to mind.",
            "score": 70.67
            "text": "With its distinctive curly coat and graceful demeanor, the Poodle stands out among other breeds.",
            "score": 25.7
            "text": "However, there is much more to this remarkable canine than meets the eye.",
            "score": 10.96
            "text": "From its high intelligence to its versatility in various roles, the Poodle is a breed that has captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.",
            "score": 15.71
            "text": "One of the Poodle's most notable attributes is its exceptional intelligence.",
            "score": 15.23
    "credits_used": 134,
    "credits_remaining": 388703

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