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Advanced plagiarism checker

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Advanced Plagiarism Checker
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Avoid plagiarism and AI generated content

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Complete solution to detect originality, authorship and use of AI

  • Ensure the originality of your content with our cutting-edge plagiarism detection technology. Our software scans the web and compares your text against billions of sources and databases to identify any matches.
  • Detect the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT with our industry leading AI Detector.
  • Supports all languages for plagiarism.

Comprehensive Report Generation

  • Get a clear and accurate assessment report on the sources used for any occurence plagiarism found.
  • Visualize specific portions of texts that are AI generated.
  • Share your detailed assessment reports by link or .pdf
Screenshot of WInston AI's result page for plagiarism detection
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Confidential & Safe

  • Your scanned content is kept safe and encrypted.
  • It is not accessible to anyone else or shared with any outside organizations.
  • Winston AI does not use your content to enhance its own abilities.
  • You have the option to completely delete your documents from your account

Plagiarism checker & AI detection now Available Through API

  • Built for businesses that need a cost effective and reliable alternative to legacy plagiarism checkers.
  • Complete solution with plagiarism checker AND AI content detection.
  • Easy to implement
    "status": 200,
    "score": 0,
    "sentences": [
            "text": "With its distinctive curly coat and graceful demeanor, the Poodle stands out among other breeds.",
            "score": 25.7
            "text": "However, there is much more to this remarkable canine than meets the eye.",
            "score": 10.96
            "text": "From its high intelligence to its versatility in various roles, the Poodle is a breed that has captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.",
            "score": 15.71
            "text": "One of the Poodle's most notable attributes is its exceptional intelligence.",
            "score": 15.23
    "credits_used": 134,
    "credits_remaining": 388703

Frequently asked questions

How does Winston AI’s plagiarism detection solution work?

Will my content be saved in any database by Winston AI?

What are the supported languages?

What is the word limit to check plagiarism?

Can Winston AI check for AI generated content?

Does Winston AI provide sources for plagiarized content for citations?

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