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Free Online Word & Character Counter

The perfect ally for copywriters, students and publishers

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Our word counter is here to help everyone

  • Students: To help ensure you meet your essay’s assignment, or for your applications / personal statement’s word count requirements.
  • Copywriters: Make sure you meet your client’s expectations for your article or blog post.
  • Digital Marketer: Content creators use metadata, such as meta titles and descriptions, to rank their work for relevant keywords, ensuring search engine visibility. They must adhere to character limits for metadata and SEO parameters like Google snippets. Similarly, digital marketers running ads must also comply with specified character limits for effective campaigns.

Key features of our word counter

  • Word Count: Winston AI will count the number of words in your documents, the number of characters, the number of sentences and more.
  • Readability Assessment: We’ll also provide you with a readability assessment on your content.
  • Keyword Density checker: See how often you are using certain keywords or expressions to avoid stuffing your content with redundant words.
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Frequently Asked Questions on our Word Counter

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