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In our Conch AI Detector Review, we test out the tool and see if it works. You can also learn about the pricing and the alternatives(you might well be looking for an alternative!).

Well, let’s get into this.

What does Conch AI do?

Conch AI is an AI writing tool that aims to help students complete their assignments faster. 

They also have an AI detection tool. An AI detection tool uses AI to check if a text was written by a human or an AI tool like ChatGPT.  

Some AI detectors are not very good as they don’t have good-quality algorithms behind them.

Our tool Winston AI has a 99.98% accuracy rate for AI written text. (Try Winston AI here)

Does Conch AI have the capability to match that?

Let’s find out. 

Testing Conch AI to see if it Works

Conch AI is different to man AI detection tools as it is also a writing tool.

After signing up we are asked to give a prompt of the type of text we want to produce. 

It turns out that Conch AI does not write your text from scratch but rather allows you to edit a text with the help of AI.

Anywho, let’s create a text with ChatGPT and test out the AI detection tool first.

chatgpt image

So, I created a text with ChatGPT and now I will check if it correctly identifies the text as AI-written content.

Unfortunately, Conch AI’s detection tool isn’t very good and incorrectly labelled this text as human-written.

conch ai image

That is quite disappointing.

Let me show you how our premium AI detector deals with the same text. 

As you can see below, our tool had no problem detecting that this text was created by an AI tool.

winston ai detects conch ai image

The Lesson: Not all AI detectors are built equally.

Our tool Winston AI gets it right 99.98% of the time when detecting text from tools like ChatGPT. We keep our tool updated with the latest changes in AI, which includes the latest updates from Open AI, Google, Microsoft and Meta.

 Try Winston AI here

Conch AI Features Explained

Signing up for Conch AI is quite easy but some of their website design is not very good. 

conch welcome image

AI Writer + Improve your writing

The AI writer is not exactly an AI writing tool as you can’t generate text from scratch. You can basically edit and “humanize” text.

This tool did not work very well in my testing. I tried to make a paragraph longer and it just generated text in Spanish. ????‍♀️

conch features image

“Humanizing” is a misnomer as these tools regularly try to alter the grammar and syntax in an effort to bypass AI detectors. I have yet to find any tool that does this well and actually works. In fact, they usually make the text significantly worse. 

If you do want a tool that uses AI to edit and improve your writing, I would recommend Notion AI. It works very well and allows you to check spelling and grammar and expands your writing in a coherent manner.

Mimic your Writing Style

They claim to have a tool that learns your writing style from documents. When I tried this, it didn’t work and I wouldn’t hold out much hope for it considering how the other tools worked.

conch humanizer image

Chat with PDF

The ability to Chat with a PDF is great when you have some long text and you need summarizations or explanations. You can do this now with ChatGPT Plus or

For Conch AI, this is part of their paid plans.

Chrome Extension

Conch AI has a Chrome extension that allows you to rewrite, generate and summarize text. In reality, it works very badly and it is not very helpful. The quality of the output of the text generated is one of the worst I have seen.

If you want help with text generation, use ChatGPT or Google Bard. If you want an AI Detection Chrome Extension, you can check out our tool here

Conch AI Pricing

Conch AI is not an expensive tool to use. There is a free plan that allows you to access some of their features and gives you 1000 tokens.

$10 per month gives you 10,000 tokens per month and $20 per month gives you unlimited tokens. 

Conch AI Alternatives

It is hard to give a direct alternative to Conch AI as it is an AI tool with various features.

Alternative AI Detector 

Winston AI 

Winston AI is the most accurate tool on the market. It is also easy to use, reasonably priced and also comes with a Chrome extension and a plagiarism checker.

Try Winston AI here

Alternative AI Writing Tool

Notion AI

Notion is a content editor that allows you to organize your files and ideas. You can also write within Notion like you would with Google Docs. 

Notion AI allows you to improve your writing and also generate text like you would with ChatGPT.

Speaking of..


ChatGPT is still a great free tool that allows you to create plagiarism-free text and best of all it is free. If you want to improve your text, simply ask ChatGPT where you can improve your writing. Copy and paste your text into ChatGPT and ask for feedback. 

Alternative Humanizer Tools

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI presents itself as a cutting-edge solution, striving to infuse AI-generated content with a more “human” essence. It boldly asserts that its outputs can consistently evade the scrutiny of renowned AI content detection systems. Intrigued by these claims, I conducted an experiment using Winston AI as the arbiter. 

The outcome was quite revealing—Winston AI assigned a human score of 0%, strongly suggesting that the content originated from an AI source, which indeed it had. This test highlights the sophistication of AI detectors like Winston AI and the ongoing challenge for tools like Undetectable AI in their quest to create indistinguishably human-like content.

Read our Undectable AI review here 

StealthWriter AI

StealthWriter is a similar tool to Undetectable as its main feature is a rewording tool that modifies text so that it can bypass AI detection. 

StealthWriter is also more expensive than Undetectable AI but that doesn’t mean that it works any better. You can read our review for SteathWriter here. 

Final Thoughts

Conch AI has quite a few features but unfortunately, it doesn’t do any of them very well. The AI detection tool doesn’t work very well nor do the rewriting tools. 

They probably should have focused on one feature and doing a good job of that. That’s what we do at Winston AI, ensuring that we have the best and most accurate AI detection on the market. 

Try Winston AI here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Conch AI

What is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to assist users in creating various forms of written content, such as essays, articles, and reports.

How does Conch AI enhance writing and research skills?

Conch AI provides tools and features that can help improve the efficiency and quality of writing and research, potentially helping users produce better-structured and more insightful content.

Does Conch AI offer a free plan?

Conch AI typically offers different subscription plans, including a free tier with limited features, allowing users to try out the service before committing to a paid subscription.

Can Conch AI help with avoiding plagiarism?

Conch AI includes features that may assist users in creating original content and avoiding plagiarism, such as paraphrasing tools and plagiarism checkers.

Is Conch AI suitable for automating tasks and making data-driven decisions?

Conch AI may offer automation capabilities that can streamline certain writing tasks and support data-driven decision-making through its analytical tools.

Can Conch AI bypass AI detection?

Conch AI might be designed to produce content that is indistinguishable from human-written text, potentially evading detection by AI content filters.

Conor Monaghan

Conor is an AI expert and English Teacher. He spends his time researching and writing about AI tools to help educators and publishers to become more productive.