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If you want to generate high-quality content while saving valuable time and effort, consider Copy AI.

Copy AI is an AI-powered writing tool freelance writers, marketers, and business owners use to create quality content.

In this article, Winston AI reviews Copy AI and everything you need to know, including the type of content you can generate with Copy AI, the Pros and Cons, and our final verdict.


Overview of the Pros and Cons of Copy AI

What Is Copy AI Used For?

Getting Started On Copy AI

What Kind of Content Can You Generate With Copy AI

Copy AI Pricing Plans

Copy AI Key Features

Alternatives To Copy AI

Can Copy AI Get Detected by Winston AI?

Copy AI: Final verdict

Overview of the Pros and Cons of Copy AI

Pros of Copy AI

  • Easy to use. No coding experience/ expertise needed
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Quick content generation
  • Good collaborating feature/ project management
  • Helpful customer support
  • Free account

Cons of Copy AI

  • Lacks human touch and nuances sometimes 
  • Inconsistency and grammar errors
  • Requires fact-checking

What Is Copy AI Used For?

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence tool popular for its ability to generate high-quality content in minutes. It can produce engaging text across various formats and styles, such as blog posts, product descriptions, social media captions, and copywriting for different marketing purposes.

With over 10,000,000 users, Copy AI has proven to be the writing assistant for freelance writers,  marketers, and professionals.

Getting Started On Copy AI

Signing up on Copy AI is easy. You can sign up either with your Google account or email. And the best part is that? It’s FREE.

copy ai screenshot frontpage

Upon signing up, you get a personalized workspace created for you. There, you can see everything the AI tool has to offer.

What Kind of Content Can You Generate With Copy AI?

Blog posts

If you’ve got experience writing blog posts, then you know how difficult it can be to write high-quality articles every day.

You are either faced with writer’s block or don’t have enough information to write a high-ranking post.

With copy AI, you can generate engaging and informative articles effortlessly and in record time.

copy ai blog feature

Product Description

Ever tried selling a product on Amazon or Shopify before? You’ll discover that crafting an enticing product description is vital for driving online sales.

You could lose potential customers if the copy is not catchy and persuasive.

However, copy AI helps you write product descriptions that attract potential customers and convert them into repeat buyers.


Imagine an AI tool that helps you generate high-converting email campaigns within minutes. 

Well, Copy AI can churn out personalized and well-crafted emails for your entire subscriber list in just a few clicks. These emails are designed to get results– saving you hours each week and allowing you to focus on strategy and creativity.

Social Media Content

If you want to increase your brand visibility online, social media content is a must.

But it can be tiring thinking of what to post or how to craft a compelling message that resonates with your target audience. 

Copy AI helps to generate engaging social media content that improves your brand presence either on LinkedIn, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter) 

Website Copy

Website copy is your brand’s first impression. It’s like a welcoming handshake, telling visitors who you are and what you do.

However, writing a website copy takes a lot of research and valuable time— time you can use to focus on other things that are important and necessary.

Copy AI helps to reduce this time significantly with its website copy feature. You’ll get high-quality copy in minutes and with minimal effort. 

Copy AI Pricing Plan

Copy AI has different pricing plans. But the two most popular are the free plan and the pro plan. The Pro plan is available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

Free Plan Pro Plan
Pricing (Billed Annually) $0/month $36/month
No. of words in Chat 2000 Unlimited
No. of users 1 5
Workflow credit 200 (bonus) 500
Copywriting tools 90+ 90+
Ideal for Beginners Entrepreneurs, small teams, professionals

Copy AI has a free plan and a Pro plan.

Note that the Pro plan costs $49 on a monthly subscription. However, if you opt in for the annual subscription, it will cost you only $36/mo.

Copy AI Key Features

Chat Feature

Copy AI chat feature allows you to brainstorm and generate content within minutes. It is similar to ChatGPT but offers more specialized services than it.

copy ai chat feature


Copy AI templates provide a structured framework for various content and marketing copy. So you won’t have to worry about starting from scratch.

copy ai templates

Brainstorming Tools

Brainstorming tools help you during ideation and content generation. So, any time you struggle with writer’s block or need new ideas for your marketing campaign or content, consider using this feature.

copy ai brainstorming tool


Infobase allows you to create, save, and reuse vital information. This information can be inserted directly into the chat tool, enhancing your content creation process.

copy ai infobase

Workflow Tool

Workflow tool helps you manage your content creation process effectively such as organising tasks, ensuring a smooth workflow, and improving overall project management.

copy ai workflow

Brand Voice

This feature allows you to infuse your unique brand voice into every content generated. The brand voice ensures that there’s consistency in your AI-generated content.

copy ai beandvoice

Alternatives To Copy AI

Copy AI is an impressive content-generation tool. But if you like to explore alternatives, consider Jasper, Writesonic, or Quillbot.

These AI-powered tools have different pricing plans and features but provide almost the same experience. You need to research to see which one best suits your goals.

However, if you’re on a budget and need an AI tool for research and brainstorming, ChatGPT is always a good option.

Can Copy AI Get Detected By Winston AI?

We generated a blog post using Copy AI to see if it gets noticed by Winston AI, the most trusted AI content detector.

Here’s the result.

winston ai detects copy ai

Wiston AI detected that the article was AI-generated

Copy AI: Final verdict

While Copy AI is good for copywriting and content creation, it needs more human touch and nuances.

You need to supply it with prompts tailored to give the desired copy you want while also checking for grammar and spelling errors. 

Regardless, Copy AI remains a reliable tool for beginners and professionals alike.

We rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Thierry Lavergne

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Winston AI. With a career spanning over 15 years in software development, I specialize in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. At Winston AI, I lead the technological vision, focusing on developing innovative AI detection solutions. My prior experience includes building software solutions for businesses of all sizes, and I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of AI technology. I love to write about everything related to AI and technology.