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how to bypass an ai content detector

How To Bypass an AI Content Detector? Should you even Try?

You may have been worried about your University/School/Boss and how they will react to the fact that you used AI to help you with your work. According to this study, 75% of workplaces are either banning or considering banning AI tools like ChatGPT in the workplace.  Many institutions and workspaces…
Conor Monaghan
April 10, 2024
A human hand and a Robot arm touching

A deep dive into our best in class accuracy rate

AI is moving at an incredibly fast pace. As AI-generated content creation proliferates, so does the necessity for robust mechanisms to discern between synthetic and human writing. Consequently, we’ve witnessed the rise of AI content detectors. It has become obvious that not all content detectors are created equal. A profusion…
Thierry Lavergne
December 5, 2023
ai humanizer bypass ai writing tool

Do AI text humanizers work? Can they bypass AI detectors?

Overview With the emergence of several AI essay checkers, many tools have now been developed to rewrite AI generated content to bypass AI detection tools.  These AI humanizers go a few steps beyond the traditional quillbot paraphrasing technique we reviewed in the past.  In this article, we’ll review a few…
Thierry Lavergne
September 1, 2023
Picture of a laptop with ChatGPT open on it

Can paraphrasing tools bypass AI content detectors?

One of the most widespread strategies to bypass AI content detectors is to run your ChatGPT content through a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot.  The short answer is that it will not bypass the Winston AI content detection solution, but it might work on free AI detectors. We’ve conducted several tests…
Thierry Lavergne
May 1, 2023
Drawing of a head with a question mark in it

Do AI Content Detectors(AI detectors) Actually Work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, with one application being content generation. AI-powered tools can generate human-like text, raising concerns about the authenticity of online content. To address this issue, AI detectors such as Winston AI have been developed to differentiate between human and AI-generated text. But do these…
Thierry Lavergne
March 31, 2023