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StealthWriter is a tool that creates and edits A.I written content in an attempt to bypass A.I content detection tools.

In our StealthWriter review, we will test out the tool to see if it really works and also give you the features and alternatives to look out for. 

What does StealthWriter do?  

StealthWriter is primarily a tool to help you edit your A.I text.

The goal of StealthWriter is that your text passes A.I content detection tools like our tool Winston AI.

Many publishers and teachers are using A.I content detectors to see if their writers/students are using an A.I tool to produce their work.

Students are using StealthWriter to avoid plagiarism and A.I Detection but does it really work?

Testing StealthWriter to see if it Works

First, let’s create some A.I content with ChatGPT to use as a sample, 

chatgpt test

Before we try to “humanize” the text, let’s see if our A.I content produced by ChatGPT is predicted to be created by A.I with our A.I content detector Winston AI

stealthwriter vs winston ai

As you can see from the image above, Winston AI has correctly detected that our text was created with A.I.

Now for the exciting part. 

Let’s see what happens when we use StealthWriter.

You need to sign up to test out StealthWriter and once you do that you have 300 words maximum and a daily limit on the free plan. 

stealthwriter in action

Above is the reworded text provided by StealthWriter.

So now, the moment of truth, does this new text pass our A.I content detector?

winston ai detects stealthwriter

No, It doesn’t!

It is still detected as A.I content after using StealthWriter.

To be honest, I pretty much predicted this would happen as the “new” text wasn’t that different to the text that ChatGPT created. 

It was also worse quality in my opinion. 

Look at this example sentence from both versions:

ChatGPT: In 1860, the United States’ political arena was a mosaic of conflicting ideologies

StealthWriter: The United States’ political arena was a jigsaw puzzle of different thoughts in 1860.

ChatGPT used the word “mosaic of conflicting ideologies” and then StealthWriter changed “mosaic” to “jigsaw puzzle”. You can see that StealthWriter is trying to find a synonym but “jigsaw puzzle” changes the meaning and honestly just doesn’t make sense in this context.


I mean what is the point in changing the text to make what ChatGPT gives you to make the text worse? 

Why not edit the content yourself and make it better?

StealthWriter Features Explained

Here are the 3 main Features of StealthWriter:

Text Rewriter/Rewording Tool

This is the main feature that StealthWriter. The tool rewrites your text in an attempt to make your writing original and undetectable.

StealthWriter uses two models, Ninja and Ghost.  The Ninja model is available to test out for free and your new text appears faster. Ghost is only available for paid users and it is apparently smarter. 

The models are simply different algorithms that rewrite your content according to different instructions. 

StealthWriter’s A.I Detector 

StealthWriter also offers you the ability to check if your text was detected as A.I. 

Here is an A.I detection for the A.I text that we created:

stealthwriter results

So, as you can see, StealthWriter is predicting that the text is human-written when in fact it was A.I generated and we know from above that when we use our A.I content detector, it easily registered the text as A.I.

A.I Text Generator

StealthWriter also offers a tool to help you create A.I content yourself. 

You can also use this tool to create blog posts and write essays and emails. 

There are thousands of tools that can do this now with ChatGPT still creating some of the best content out there and it is free!

StealthWriter Pricing

StealthWriter has 4 different pricing plans and you can choose to pay either monthly or yearly. There is also a free plan with limitations.

PlanBillingPrice (50% OFF)Rewrites per ProcessGhost Model (Smarter)
BasicMonthly$20/month400 words20,000 words
Yearly$200/year400 words20,000 words
PopularMonthly$35/month1,000 words50,000 words
Yearly$350/year1,000 words50,000 words
PremiumMonthly$50/month2,000 words100,000 words
Yearly$500/year2,000 words100,000 words
Free planMonthlyFree300 wordsNot Available

StealthWriter Alternatives

There are several tools that do something similar to Stealthwriter. Let’s have a look at these now.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable A.I is another tool that attempts to “humanize” A.I content. At the bottom of each result, it claims that many popular A.I content detectors will not detect A.I content. 

Well, I tested it with Winston AI and again we got a human score of 0% which means that it is highly probable that the text was created with A.I (which it was, of course). 

stealthwriter alternatives


Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that you can also use to rewrite text. This is a useful tool for rewriting sentences that you feel don’t sound write and can help you with your writing. 

They also have translation, citation, summarizing and co-writing tools. 

Here is a sample of their co-writing tool which you can use A.I to give you feedback on your writing:

more stealthwriter alternatives

Final Thoughts

From our experience, using something like StealthWriter is more likely to make your writing worse.

It also didn’t help with bypassing our A.I content detection tool. 

StealthWriter is not a tool worth investing in. Instead, use a tool like Quillbot or ChatGPT and be upfront and honest about using A.I at work and school.

Conor Monaghan

Conor is an AI expert and English Teacher. He spends his time researching and writing about AI tools to help educators and publishers to become more productive.