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Did you know that you can use an AI Image Detector to test if your image was created with an AI tool like ChatGPT?

We, at Winston AI have developed the most advanced AI image detector so you can discover if that strange image you saw on social media is a real image or if it was AI-generated.

Try the Winston AI Image Detector here.

AI Image Detector vs AI Content Detector

An AI Image Detector is a tool that is specifically designed to check if an image was created with an AI tool like ChatGPT. 

While some images may seem obvious that they were created by AI tools, sometimes it is not so easy to tell. Advancements in technology will make AI images indistinguishable from real photos soon.

The word “content” on the other hand really means anything media published online (it could be text, images, or video). AI Content Detectors usually mean “AI text detectors” as AI-generated text is the most common form of AI-generated media published today.   

Our Winston AI content detector has a 99.98% accuracy rate when detecting AI-generated text. You can try it out here    

But, what about AI Image detectors, which one is the best?

Let’s find out.

Best AI Image Detectors for 2024 

AI Image detection is still in the early stages of development but here is a list of the best tools so far. 

Winston AI 

Winston AI has launched a new AI Image Detector that you can use to check if an Image is an AI image or a photo taken by a human. 

To check an image, all you need to do is sign into the app and go to the image detection tab. You can then either upload your image or copy the image URL and test your image. 

As you can see from the image below the tool correctly gave the result that the picture of me was human-generated. The results also include forensics information on your images/photos (when available), such as C2PA, IPTC and Exif details.

Winston AI Image detector

Let’s test an AI image:

Winston AI detects AI images

This was an image that I created for one of my websites and I actually used two AI images together. As you can see above Winston AI was able to detect that the image was created by AI.

This is such a helpful, accurate tool when you want to see if an image was created with AI.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI platform with plenty of AI tools and models to test out. The platform is built for people who are really into AI and machine learning.

They have launched a simple AI image detector which you can try. 

As you can see below, they correctly identified my AI image as 99% likely to be artificial.

Hugging face ai image detector

AI or Not

AI or Not is an online detector built to check if images or audio were AI-generated. To check an image you need to sign up for an account

They also correctly identified my AI image as “likely generated by AI” but you do need to sign up to the paid plan to get an accurate understanding of the results.

You have 10 free image checks per months but then you need to pay more. They also have an API that you can use to integrate image checking into your app.  

AI or not AI image detector

Hive moderation

Hive Moderation have quite a number of AI detection tools including images and video. It worked well in testing, giving a 99.9% answer to an AI image that I gave it. 

They also have a chrome extension if you need to scan images across the web. Learn more about Winston AI’s Chrome Extension here.

Hive moderation ai image detector


Illuminarty is another online tool that you can use to check the origin of an image.

 Illuminati didn’t perform particularly well in testing.The image I tested which is quite obviously AI and returned a result of of 50% AI.

 This kind of prediction often confuses people who do not completely understand probabilities and statistics. 

illuminarty ai image detector

Is it AI?

Is it AI is a newer free tool that doesn’t work very well, As you can see below, the image was obviously made by AI and this tool wasn’t able to tell that it was.

is it ai image detector

Content At Scale

Content at Scale started off as only an AI writing tool but they also now do AI detection. They also have an AI content detector. This tool successfully predicted with a score of 99% that the AI image that I gave it was AI. 

Final thoughts

The tools that are able to detect AI images are mostly a work in progress and will develop as the technology evolves. The pace of change with AI is breathtaking, nearly every day there is a significant development and the availability of AI tools allows us to be more efficient and the pace of change will only increase.

The Best AI image detector currently is Winston AI. You can try it out here.

What is an AI image detector?

An AI image detector is a tool designed to analyze images and determine whether they have been generated by an AI model, such as those used in deep learning and artificial neural networks. These tools typically analyze patterns, textures, and artifacts that are characteristic of AI-generated images.

How do AI image detectors work?

AI image detectors use machine learning algorithms to compare known characteristics of AI-generated images with those of naturally captured or human-created images. They may look for inconsistencies in lighting, unusual textures, or other digital artifacts that typically do not appear in traditional photography.

Are AI image detectors reliable?

While AI image detectors are continuously improving, they are not foolproof. The reliability can vary based on the algorithm’s training data and the sophistication of the AI used to generate the image. Newer AI models that create highly realistic images can sometimes evade detection.

Are there any free AI image detectors available?

Yes, there are several free AI image detectors available online. These tools can provide a quick assessment of an image’s authenticity but may not always offer the same level of accuracy as more sophisticated, paid solutions.

What are the limitations of AI image detectors?

AI image detectors may struggle with new AI-generated images that use cutting-edge technologies not represented in the detector’s training data. Additionally, these tools can sometimes produce false positives or negatives, and they may be challenged by images that combine both AI-generated and natural elements.

Conor Monaghan

Conor is an AI expert and English Teacher. He spends his time researching and writing about AI tools to help educators and publishers to become more productive.